Latest update: 17 November 2016


When appropriate, you'll want to use email. However, should you wish / need to contact me in a synchronous way, here you are.



I'm schoinobates on OFTC, FreeNode and IRCNet.


I once was, and will be again in the future, but currently am not.



I'm, user 746743 on Free World Dialup, 5319855 in, 7178683 in See also other SIP providers in POTS table.


I'm and +17001430103 in IAXTel.


POTS is “Plain Old Telephone System”.

General numbers

These numbers will all make the same phones ring on my side; no need to call a number whose geographical allocation is close to where you think I am. They ring:

The choice of what number to call is naturally yours. Usually, you will probably want to optimise for lowest price. In general this means: If I have a number in your country, that's the one you want. Else, call a USA number. Yes, usually calling the USA will be cheaper than an international Europe to Europe call (e.g. France to Belgium).

Price indications are to the best of my knowledge correct; check with your telecom operator in case of doubt.

IBCP stands for “Inband Call Progress”. It means that my phone system can send you audio (but not get audio from you) without answering the line. This means that e.g. if your call gets sent to voicemail (before the call is answered another reason), you will hear an announcement inviting you to leave a message, but you will not pay for hearing that announcement. You will pay only from the moment of the beep after the announcement. If you do not wish to leave a message, hang up before the beep.

CID stands for “Caller ID”. It means that (unless you blocked it) I will see your phone number before picking up. This enables my phone system to automatically recognise you (after I have accepted a call from you once), and to escape my privacy screening system.

Lionel's general phone numbers
Number Location IBCP CID Comment
+352 20 40 67 74 LU ? Yes
+44 20 80 99 28 54 London, GB (UK) Yes Yes
+44 131 516 48 85 Edinburgh, GB (UK) Yes Yes
+39 06 916 50 05 68 Roma, IT No Yes
+33 9 88 99 96 98 Non geographic, France No Yes

Location-specific numbers

These numbers will reach me only when I am at the specified location.

Lionel's location-specific phone numbers
Number Location IBCP CID Comment
+352 26 33 82 12 3rd floor, Bereldange, LU No Yes Copper ISDN phone line provided by Cegecom.


My mobile phone is +352 6 21 45 29 32. It is usually turned off, though.