Latest update: 18 November 2000

This is my web Page for Notify CD, a fast free (as in freedom) (GPL) CD player for Win32 originally created by Mats Ljungqvist. Mats has stopped developpment of Notify CD by lack of time.

I decided to add FreeDB support to Notify CD. I call the result "Notify CD for FreeDB", to stress that CDDB support disappeared (it is still in the sources, but not in the binaries) and to make a difference with Mats' original CDDB versions. Here you will find the results of my work, but you'll probably prefer the version by Steve Hassard: I have stopped working on it, too, because I am not using Microsoft Windows any more.

Download my builds, built with Watcom C/C++ 11.0b
Version Source Code Binaries optimized for:
generic Compiler specific speed exe size
Watcom C/C++ 11.0b Visual C/C++ 5.0
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Shawn Fisher has updated NotifyCD, too. Here are his builds.
Version Source Code Binaries
1.661 zip zip

Note: Documentation is not with the binaries. Download source code to get it.

  • This has also been tested with freedb, and I haven't had any problems (The source looks compatible with FreeDB's Specs).
  • Added new option to address problems that were occuring with freedb, mainly allowed the user to change the submission email (from xcmd-cddb...). The submission address for FreeDB is You must change that from the default if you wish to support FreeDB, and by doing so free (as in freedom) software and information. Here is a server list for FreeDB: You must change that from the default if you wish to use FreeDB.
  • Also added ability to change icons and menu bitmap: These files do not have to be present, notify will load the default icons and bitmaps if files are missing, but if you want them to display they must be in the same directory as ntfy_cd.exe.
  • Two new websites have been added to the about page.
  • Misc options label changes.