Latest update: 22 December 2002

PyBiff is a mail monitor applet for the Gnome desktop environment.

The original author, Eric Gillespie Jr., has stopped working on it, and I have taken over the maintenance. For my personal use, speed issues have pushed me to use GBuffy instead. If you are still using pybiff, I'd like to hear about it: Please write to the address lionel in the domain.

Here are the changes since Eric Gillespie's last release:

Don't be confused by lines that look like a header line in the body in a mbox.
Mailbox variables (such as the mailbox name) are now available in the command to be called when the mailbox menu items are clicked in icon mode (thanks to Claudemir Todo Bom).

0.2.3 source code: pybiff-0.2.3.tar.bz2