Hi, I'm Lionel Elie Mamane, and this is (surprise!) my personal homepage.

What are you looking for?

My university homepage

More about me in general or how to contact me synchronously

Notify CD (a free (as in free speech) CD player for Windows)

My OpenPGP (RFC 2440) & legacy PGP 2.x (RFC 1991) keys

Internet Junk Buster! (an ad-filtering proxy)

Privoxy (a better ad- and nuisance-filtering proxy)

PyBiff (flexible, driver-based mail monitor for Gnome)

SpamOracle (A content-based bayesian spam filter)

ConCoq, my Master's thesis.

Gift ideas for me (in French - contact me for a translation)


If you are looking for the LEMFaW, the Lionel Elie Mamane Family Web, you are mistaken. This is not the right place. Please contact the person that referred you here for the correct URL. If you landed here while surfing, are a member of my family, contact me (lionel in the mamane domain) for the correct URL.

Have fun!